Moog Taurus Bass Pedals

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The legendary Moog Taurus bass pedal synthesizers were produced and sold by Moog Music from 1975 to 1981. Made famous and used by bands and artists like Rush, The Police, Led Zeppelin, Renaissance, Yes, Pink Floyd, Yngwie Malmsteen, and others, the Moog Taurus bass pedals are known for their distinctively fat analog bass sounds. The pedals featured here were manufactured in 1981.

Moog Taurus

1981 Moog Taurus Bass Pedal Synthesizer

The Moog Taurus is a monophonic analog synthesizer with an overall range of 5 octaves triggered by a 13 note set of pedals (1 octave C to C configuration). The Moog Taurus by its design is meant to be played by foot although can be played and triggered by hand.

Bass Tones

There are three varieties of pre-set bass tones available on the Moog Taurus:

  • Taurus
  • Tuba
  • Bass
Moog Taurus Presets

Moog Taurus Presets

Each bass tone pre-set can be played at a low and high octave and can be additionally filtered using the master filter foot control. Controls for tone Glide and tone Decay are also available.

Over each foot switch is a red LED indicator that lights when a particular setting is active.

Moog Taurus Glide, Decay, Octave

Glide, Decay, Octave

 Player Defined Variable Tones

The Moog Taurus also is equipped with a Variable setting that can be adjusted with a set of filtering and tone controls contained in the Taurus’ Variables section. The variable setting allows the player a range of 3 octave settings (Lo, Med, Hi) for the primary oscillator. The secondary oscillator can further be set an octave higher or lower than the primary oscillator.

Inside the variables section are controls for master tuning the unit. A fine tuning control “Beat” is also available to further tweak the sound and can be used to produce a wavering sound.

Moog Taurus Variables

Moog Taurus Variables

All tones and settings can be further controlled by the performer and changed with a top mounted master volume and filter control.

Back Panel

Power comes from a standard 110V grounded plug attached to the back panel located next to the master power switch. Sound is output using a standard instrument cable inserted into a 1/4 inch output jack. A control for the unit’s final output level is also located on the back panel.

Moog Taurus Back Panel

Moog Taurus Back Panel

In a world of MIDI and digital synthesizers, the analog sounds of the Moog Taurus lives on and is still the choice of many musicians for its distinctive character.

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Additional Photos

Moog Taurus Rear View

Moog Taurus Rear View


Moog Taurus Side View

Moog Taurus Side View


Moog Taurus Rear Logo

Moog Taurus Rear Logo


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