Philip Kubicki Arrow (Early ’80s)

We’re very pleased to feature one of the best sounding, looking and playing travel guitars that we’ve ever seen. The Philip Kubucki “Arrow” is a short scale Flying V style guitar built by legendary luthier, Philip Kubicki.

Our best guess is that this particular guitar was built in 1981 or possibly 1982. According to production history, there were approximately 275 short scale Kubicki guitars produced in the early 1980s, with this instrument as #237.

The Kubicki Arrow guitar features neck through construction, a single-coil pickup with one volume and tone control. This particular guitar plays incredibly fast with an equally incredible flat and low action.

The single coil pickup has a very strat like tone, but with very distinct and punchy upper mids that are well rounded with crystal clear highs and a well rounded set of lows.

The Arrow’s neck through design and construction gives the instrument a solid feel with excellent sustain and wonderfully warm resonance.

The guitar is simply a joy to play and would make an excellent addition to any guitar player’s collection.

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